The small nation to the north is known for their indomitable spirit, religious fervor, and heroic deeds. It shares a small continent with Kron, Arcanos, Shogun, and the Vitarin 13th district.

The nation started as refugees from another plane of existence. They came at a time when the nations of Shogun and the Allied Arcane Confederation (AAC) were at war. Through their help, Shogun was able to push back the invaders to their lands and establish a wall magic dampening towers to keep the mages from invading.

The wall stood for a hundred years, but the mages eventually found a way to destroy some of the towers, restarting their war. A group of Harmon military officers, found the other nation inhabiting the continent, the Kron, and with their help managed to destroy the ruling council of the AAC.

200 years passed, with relative peace, but then came the legions of Chaos. An arrogant megalomaniac, whose name was intentionally destroyed from public record, successfully invited in the Lords of Law and Chaos. A group of adventurers from all over the continent eventually fought their way through the planes, and two ended up joining the balance (The Gray Lords). Returning to the plane, they destroyed the champions that were vying for control of the world, sealing off the plane from influence for 300 years. The three nations joined in a single government, with the Eternal Queen (one of the gray lords) sitting as monarch to the new nation. Impossible to corrupt a gray lord, their nation would not be the source of the Lords’ return to the plane. The other gray lord, known only as the King of Ghale, founded a nation to the west.

300 hundred years passed. Despite the best efforts of the Gray Lords, Chaos found its way back into the ruling council of both Harmon and the AAC. During this time, in an effort to destroy the minions of the chaos lords (due to the influence of a Lord of Law), the nation of Vitaris invaded the continent. The Legion nearly destroyed the standing armies, but intervention from adventurers eventually saw the defeat of Vitaris. During this time period, the Eternal Queen was assassinated at a celebration of the recent victory. The group eventually found their way to Vitaris, following after the Legat in charge of the invasion in hopes of either negotiating or killing him to prevent another offensive. They quickly discovered that only a half a Legion had been dispatched, and the Legat was asking for two full Legions to return. Seeing only destruction if the invasion was renewed, the adventurers brokered a deal and helped the Legat uncover the plot by the Lords of Law. The two Legions were then dispatched, but instead to destroy the minions of chaos that had taken root in the continent. In the process, the AAC was destroyed, having fully been corrupted, and was reorganized into the 13th district. Harmon remained in tact, gaining additional lands from the destruction of their ancient enemy.

20 years later, an invasion from both Vitaris and Harmon occurred. Though doubts arose, as neither nation claimed to know anything about their respective armies, but since then there have been no diplomatic relations between the two nations.

20 years later, current time period, the democratic structure of Harmon has fallen. No further representation from the church or military (being blamed for the recent instability, as that was where the corrupted individuals were found) is allowed, and now the nation is ruled by the merchant guild (The Golden Sun). The people of Harmon are beginning to suffer as the wealthiest are the only ones benefiting under the current rule.

Places of Interest
Steam: Large industrial city and hub for the Dwarven underground rail system.

Krath Morgul: A small city originally has grown to be a bustling metropolis due to the saviors of the plane coming from here. The main headquarters of the Watch is also in this city.

City of Sin: Originally a city devoted to vice and debauchery has recently broken away from Harmon. The Golden Sun sent an army to reclaim it, but the divine order worshiping the god of freedom (Telon) moved in and successfully defended the city. It is also a seat of the infamous thieve’s guild who moved here after the destruction of their home in the AAC.

The Wall: A seemingly endless wave of orcs used to spew forth from the northern mountain range. A wall was erected to keep the creatures at bay. During the second Ethos war, the portals allowing the orcs access were closed. Somewhere within the mountains, great demons are said to use the plane as a way station between fighting battles of the Blood War, so the area is still considered dangerous.


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